3 Tips for your videos to get more Subscribers on YouTube

3 tips for your videos to get more subscribers on YouTube

If you have a YouTube channel you probably want to see your channel grow, we are all looking to get more subscribers, so let’s talk about a couple of things that you can do that will help you get more subscribers and will improve your chances of people subscribing to your channel.

Watermark YouTube Subscribe Button

In order for people to subscribe to your channel they need to be reminded. Now in the bottom of the screen there is a clickable subscribe button. It’s small, none obtrusive, but still a little reminder right there for people to subscribe. In order to turn this on you need to go to your YouTube Studio and go to settings. From here you’ll go to Branding and you can turn on the Watermark.

You can upload an image for the icon, you can use your logo for this, but I would advise to make it a small subscriber button so that it’s clear what it’s for. Make sure you turn it on for the entire video and you’re done.

Have a call to action pop up in your video, something that is animated works best. It catches the attention and it reminds the viewer they need to subscribe. Also when you’re talking on camera it gives the viewer something else to focus on for a second so to keep things from getting boring. You want to do this just after the start of your video and right before the end. If you have an extremely long video you could ad it somewhere in the middle too, but don’t over do it.

Also ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel. Start your video with the hook, why they should keep watching and when you have their attention ask them to subscribe before you get in to it and give them what they came to the video for.

Once they’ve seen what they wanted to see and they actually made it to the end of your video, make sure you remind them once more. If they made it that far they must have enjoyed it, so this is the time to get them to commit to your channel and subscribe.

When you implement these things you will start to see your subscriber count grow, which will allow you to start making money with your account, so in the next blog we’ll talk about things you can do to make money with your YouTube channel.