8 Tips to optimise your YouTube Channel for Success

So you have your YouTube channel up and running, but is everything as it should be? What can you do to optimise your channel for success? How can you get people to look at your channel and get them to view your videos and subscribe? Let’s look at how to optimise your channel.

Let’s start with the first thing people see when they come to your channel. The header. Make sure that the header looks good, it shows what your channel is about, don’t make it too messy. You can put a call to action in there for them to subscribe. Make sure the dimensions are right so that people who watch it on their phone can view it properly as well as somebody checking on their computer.

Your profile photo is the second item you need to make sure is in good shape. Have your photo or your logo in there so people can easily recognise that it’s you. Tests have shown that a photo of a person works better than just something random or a logo.

Fiverr.com for your design needs

If you don’t have any photoshop or designer skills there is an easy and cheap fix for this and that is Fiverr. Fiverr is a website where people offer their services and you can find designers that will create a great looking profile or header image for you. The header and profile image that is on my channel at the moment I had made on Fiverr and it cost me only $10 to have it made. If you want to check out all the things you can have done on Fiverr click here.

Your channel intro is the next thing you need to address. You can make a special video for this with a small introduction of your channel where you tell them why they should watch your videos and subscribe to your channel. If you don’t want to be in front of the camera or it’s not something you do on your channel, you could also put your best performing video here. A video that is proven to have a lot of views. Now when you are just starting out you might not have a video that performs well yet, but in that case you can post a video that you think everybody should watch and will do well with your audience. If you decide to introduce your channel, make sure you keep it short. Try to grab the viewer with a hook, explain why he or she should watch your channel and explain what your channel will offer them. Keep this under 1 minute long.

Next up is Playlists, make a habit out of putting your videos in playlists when you post them. On your playlist page make sure you create a couple of different playlists. If you’ve created playlist when you posted your video make sure you go to that playlist and add a description to the playlist so that your playlist can be found by the YouTube algorithm. Make sure that you add your playlists to the home screen so people can easily go to the playlist when they come to your channel. The great thing about playlists is that if you send someone to your video and you use the link of the video inside the playlist they will see your other videos right there and once the video is finished your next video will start playing.

Make sure your about page is filled in. If you didn’t do this properly when you signed up your channel then now is the time to do it. Give a good description of your channel and what people can expect to see in the videos that you post. It’s another way for the YouTube algorithm to dish you up to the right viewers.

Example End videos

The next thing to get people to see more of your videos is by using End videos, you can set this when you post your video. Make sure you use this. It’s a great way to get people to watch another one of your videos. You can pick what you think they should watch, which is great for when you make a series of videos or you have made a video with a similar subject. But for most videos it is probably best to set it for Best for viewer and Latest video.

The other in video thing you need to use are the Cards. That is the suggestion that pops up in the top right corner of a video. Now don’t over do it with the cards and don’t use them in the beginning of your video, cause you don’t want to steer people away from your video at the start for this will hurt your viewer retention. Try and put a card in the last quarter of your video. I mostly put it in the last minute of the video. You have one extra chance to send them to another one of your videos right before the end where they will see the 2 end video options.

With all of this in place your channel is set up to give the very best first impression and will be ready for you to persuade visitors to click on one of your videos. So now all you need to do is make great videos that people want to watch. So we'll talk about that in the next blog.