Best Gifts for Film Makers

Are you looking for the perfect gift for that loved one that is a film maker, vlogger, Youtuber or just a video enthousiast. Here is a list of 10 items that would be perfect gifts to give or to just treat yourself with.

touchscreen gloves

1 - Touchscreen Gloves

Filming outside during the winter can be challenging. When you are sitting still for a long time and you need to operate your equipment, chances are you will be having cold hands. With these gloves you can still operate your phone or your camera touchscreen and keep nice and warm. For $ 9,- at Amazon

soft box light set

2 - Softbox Lighting kit

An easy and great way to make videos look better is with proper lighting. When your 'set' is lit well it can be the difference between having it look professional or it being something that looks like no effort has been put in to it. Lighting can be the easy fix for this. There are huge professional sets you can buy, but you don't have to spend an arm and a leg on this to set up some lights at home. This 3 light set gets you everything you need for only $99 on Amazon

jobby gorillapod

3 - Jobby Gorillapod

A great accessory to film with is the Jobby Gorillapod. Whether you want to use it to vlog and have a better way to hold on to your camera or to bend the legs around a tree branch too get a great angle for your shot, the Gorillapod is a great versatile tool to have. They come in a lot of different sizes to support cameras in all weight groups.

ten cable duo 8 pouch

4 - Tenba Cable Duo 8 Pouch

When you're going out filming or traveling with your equipment it can add up with all the stuff you need to bring. Besides that you need different cables for everything and your bag can get kind of messy. Here is the solution, the Tenba Cable Duo 8 pouch. All your cables and small accessories in one place, easy to cary. Get yours now on Amazon

lanai u rig pro for smartphone

5 - Ulanzi U Rig Pro

Filming with your phone is a great option nowadays. The quality on most new smartphones is really great. The only thing is that the sound and light is not always as good as it could be. With the Ulanzi U Rig Pro you can connect your phone, an external microphone and a light for the best possible quality. The rig is also a great way to hold your phone steady and keep the image from shaking. For only $20 this is a great way to improve your video game.

6 - The Pod

the green pod

When you're out and about filming or taking photographs, trying to capture something from a distance it gets hard to keep the image steady. Having a tripod with you at all times is not always an option, so The Pod is a great way to keep the camera steady. Also a great tool for filming animals at a park or on safari when filming from a car. Check The Pod on Amazon.

camera flash memory drive 64gb

7 - Camera shaped Flash Memory Drive 64GB

A great novelty gift for anybody who works with a camera is this Flash Memory drive in the shape of a Nikon Camera. This 64GB USB stick is a nice looking gift that is also very functional for any video creator.

360 degrees rotating time-lapse tripod

8 - 360 degrees Rotating Tripod

This great and simple tool can help to make great moving time lapses. It rotates for 60 minutes to go 360 degrees around. It comes with an adapter to attach a GoPro to it.

A simple but effective tool to get professional looking footage. And only $15 on Amazon.

camera cleaning kit

9 - Movo Deluxe Camera Cleaniinig Kit

Something you shouldn't leave home without as a video creator is a Camera Cleaning Kit. When you are changing lenses or are in an environment with dust or sand, this kit can safe the day. You can do fine without it for a long time, but once you need it and don't have it, you will never leave it behind again.

gaffer tape

10 - Gaffer Tape

Another great tool that a video creator can use for all sorts of purposes is Gaffer Tape. It sounds like such a simple thing, but it comes in handy time and time again.