Feiyu-Tech G6 Gimbal for GoPro

Feiyu-Tech G6 gimbal

If you’ve ever wondered why the video footage you see on YouTube is often so much smoother than what you film yourself with your GoPro, a big chance they are using a gimbal. A gimbal keeps your GoPro steady and level and takes care of all those little bumps and sudden movements that make your video seem like you shot it on a roller coaster.

My favourite gimbal to use for the GoPro is the Feiyu-Tech G6. It’s small, light and very easy to use. It has a small LED screen to show you the battery life and the function you are using. It has wifi and bluetooth connection to connect it to your phone so you can use the Feiyu-Tech app to control the gimbal.

Feiyu-Tech G6 splash proof in the rain

One of my favourite features of the G6 is that it is splash proof. You don’t have to worry about it getting wet. Seeing the the GoPro is waterproof it’s nice to not have to worry about some rain. You can’t go swimming with it of course, but I’ve had it in some pretty big rainstorms and it’s never been a problem.

The battery life, according to Feiyu-Tech can be up to 12 hours, unless you also charge your camera through the G6, then it’s 5 hours. Now, I never want to push it and risk running out of battery, but I’ve taken it out for many hours at a time without it ever being a problem. So unless you are out somewhere without electricity, you should always have enough juice in the gimbal.

When it comes to the performance of the gimbal, it does exactly what you need the gimbal to do. It keeps your camera steady and your picture nice and smooth. Even in heavy action the G6 performs really well. The handle has a sort of silicon rubber layer on it that makes it nice to hold and keeps it from slipping out of your hand.

Feiyu-Tech G6 functions led screen

The G6 was first produced with the size of the GoPro Hero 7 in mind, so when the Hero 8 came to the market they quickly came out with an adapter so you could use the Hero 8 on it too. Now with the GoPro Hero 9 being slightly bulkier than the Hero 8, we’ll have to wait for a new fix from Feiyu-Tech in order to use this on the G6.

I’ve heard people speak about motor noise issues, I don’t know if this is a common occurrence or not, but I’ve never experienced any noise issues from the G6. It’s very quiet and I don’t notice any extra sounds recorded on my GoPro footage at all.

The ease of use, light weight and the fact that it just works all the time, make it a great gimbal for me. The fact that it is splash proof just makes it perfect.

If you are looking for a gimbal and would like to purchase the Feiyu-Tech G6, you can click here to find it on Amazon.