Grow your channel with Calls to Action - the Right Way

grow your channel with calls to action

Today I'm going to tell you how to use calls to action in your videos, so that you can get more viewers doing what you want and finally experience the growth on your channel you're waiting for.

Are you having trouble getting your viewers to watch more videos, subscribe or like your videos? Asking them might seem the way to let them know what you want, but maybe you are doing it wrong. Let me tell you what the right way is to get the most out of your call to action.

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During your video it's good practice to tell the viewer what you'd like them to do. Subscribe to the channel, comment about a topic, like the video, whatever it is you would like them to do, make it known so they know what to do and they are more likely to do it.

The thing is though, you don't want to ask them for everything at the same time. When you ask them to subscribe, like, comment, watch the next video and check out your instagram, the viewer is going to get overwhelmed and will most likely end up doing none of those things.

You want to ask them to do just one thing per video. You have to figure out what would be best for your video and your channel to ask them to do. If you are making a video that you know is mostly for your current subscribers, like a personal video, and is not going to get a lot of traffic from suggested videos. It wouldn't make sense to ask people to subscribe, they already subscribe so you should ask them to engage. Get them to leave a comment by asking a question. If you are making a video that is more searchable, like a review of a product, that is a good video too ask the viewer to subscribe. But even better would be to get them to watch another video you've made.

If you can recommend a video for them to watch and they watch it, that must mean they enjoyed your content. If the video you sent them to has a similar call to action that sends them to more of your content something beautiful is about to happen.

They will have watched several videos, which is good for your view hours and view retention. Since they are enjoying your content they might subscribe a lot easier and because they watched different videos, YouTube will now start suggesting your videos to them the next couple of times they log on to YouTube. This is what you want to happen.

Getting somebody to press subscribe doesn't mean they'll ever watch another one of your videos. Getting somebody to comment on your video when he's new to your channel can be tough, they are not invested in you yet. Getting them to watch another video if what you are showing them now is something they like, might be your best and easiest option. Plus it will ultimately give you the best result.