How do you get people to watch longer?

how to hook your audience for youtube

Are you wondering why you get views on your YouTube videos, but can't get the viewer to stay till the end? Let's do something about this.

First of all if you don't know how long your viewers actually stick around to watch your video, go to your YouTube analytics. When you so to your list of videos it will have a percentage for average view duration. So you can see how much of your video the average viewer watches.

When you click on a video and scroll down a little bit you will see a graph for 'Audience retention'. Here you see where in the video people are watching and when they check out of your video. When you click on 'See more' you will get a better look at the graph and can see the exact moment in the video when you scroll over the graph. Studying these graphs can show you what your audience enjoys and what makes them leave your video.

audience retention graph youtube

A lot of times there is a big drop right at the beginning of your video. This is from people clicking on your thumbnail or your link and once they see the video they opt out straight away. This is what you need to fix.

Right at the start of your video the viewer needs to be hooked in to want to watch more and not click away. Most viewers click to see if they want to watch it, decide in a view seconds if they want to keep watching and either click away or get their finger off the button and actually watch. So you have only a view seconds, I'd say roughly about 15 seconds to pitch your video's premise and get the viewer hooked to stick around.

explosion preview

You can show them a short preview of something they will get to see when they stick around, so they'll be intrigued and keep watching. This is great if you have some shock value, surprise or action that will draw the viewer in, but what if you don't have that? If you are teaching something or have some other sort of value in your video, you can tell the viewer what you have in store for them. Make sure you get straight to the point and let them know they don't want to miss what you have in store.

Make sure your video looks the best it can from the start. Of course this goes for your entire video, but first impressions are important and if you have 10 minutes of cinematic beauty but your first minute looks like you threw something together in your laundry room, nobody will see the masterpiece that will follow if you lose them from the beginning.

Have a clean, professional looking background, make sure the lighting is right and look into the camera while you explain why the viewer needs to watch your video till the end. That first impression is important, so hook them in and get that retention graph to not take a plunge at the start of your video.