How to make Great videos on a Budget

how to make great videos on a budget

If you haven't made a video before it might seem overwhelming or it might even keep you from starting a project in the first place. With videos being used in all kinds of businesses now and all social media having a lot of video capabilities it is becoming more and more important to have videos for your business, your club, your social or any other endeavour you might want to show off to other people.

how to film on a budget

If you think you don't have the means to make a great looking production, you might want to think twice. Most likely you already have a lot of what you need or can get it on the cheap and I'm going to tell you how right now.

First part of the process is coming up with an idea, all you need for this is a pen and paper, which most likely you'll have at home. Figure out what your video should be about and write a script. When you have your script, think about what you need to film and what you will need to make it. Make a list of different scenes if you have them and list per scene what you will need to film it.

Now let's have a look at things you might need for your production.

First and foremost you need a camera, now this most likely will be an easy fix. If you have a smart phone you will probably have a camera that will be able to do the job. Try and film at least HD quality, but check your settings to make sure you film at the best possible quality.

cheap tripod

In order to make it look good it will have to be steady, so try to film with a tripod. You could use a short tripod for your phone that you can place on a table or a desk. But if you want to use it in outdoor settings or places where you don't have anything to set the small tripod on you will be better of with a normal size tripod. Now a professional tripod is expensive, but all you need it for is to stand your phone or camera on, so just a cheap tripod will do fine. You can pick this up for $16.99 on Amazon

ring light

Your videos should be lit well, there is a very cheap source of light that you can use for your project and it's called daylight. If you don't have good lights to use it's a great option to film outside. If you have to film indoors, you could try and stay close to a window to still use natural light inside. Make sure that you don't get an uneven lit subject this way though, you might want to use a light from the opposite side of your subject. A light that you have at home might do the trick if you can get it close to your subject. A great light to use, specially if you are vlogging is a ring light. This is also a great and cheap addition to your gear.

Another very important thing for your videos is sound, this is something you have to pay attention to and make sure you get right, but still doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Depending on what you are filming will decide what you'll use to record the sound. In camera sound from the microphone on your camera is normally not that great, so it's best to look for other options.

If you have an old phone laying around your might be able to use it as a recorder. If you are blogging or interviewing, this is a great option. Even if you are away from the camera you'll be able to record good sound.

A great bluetooth microphone that has amazing noice cancelling is the Smartmike+.

Rode videomicro

If you are filming with a camera a great and affordable microphone is the Rode VideoMicro for $59 on Amazon. I've been using it for 2 years now and it hasn't failed me yet. If you are filming outdoors, you might also want to invest in a wind shield for $25 to make sure you will also have great sound outside.

Sudotack ST-900

When you are filming a vlog or podcast where you want to talk into a microphone there is the Sudotack ST-900, it is a great microphone that drowns out background noise and pops. For the quality you get it is a great deal for $73 on Amazon.

Now those are the basics you will need for a great looking video. Even on a budget you can have a great set up for about $100 and film a video that makes you look like a pro just by using your phone.