How to get found on YouTube

how to get found on youtube

When you are putting up your videos to YouTube you want people to see them, so how do you get an audience for your channel? It starts with great keywords to let YouTube know what your video is about so they can show your video to the right people when they search for it or suggest it to people who might be interested in your content.

In order for your video to be found the YouTube algorithm has to know what your video is about. It does this in a couple of ways by using keywords. These keywords can be in a couple of different places and you need to optimise them in order to be ahead of the competition.

First of all is the titel of your video. Make sure you have a good titel that describes what your video is about in a short way. This is good for the algorithm, but also for the viewer to quickly see if they want to watch the video or not.

Then write a good description of your video and use keywords to explain what it is about. Don’t just stack the description with loose keywords. Use full sentences that describe it and use the keywords in your text. Try and use the titel of your video in the first or second sentence of your description.

And then there are the Tags, the place to put all your keywords. You can list all the keywords you want here, but still keep in mind, only use what actually describes your video. You want people to find your video and actually be interested in watching it, so they watch it and don’t click away after 20 seconds. So if the video is not what they are expecting to find they will click away and you will get a very low retention score and this will actually do more harm than good to your channel.

When you are filming your video it’s a good practice to mention the topic of your video and the keywords you want to rank for. YouTube transcribes your video in to text, so what you talk about in your video will also count towards your keywords and will help YouTube understand what the video is about.

TubeBuddy extension for YouTube

A good way to help you find good keywords to use is by using a keyword tool. There are different tools out there. The one I use is Tubebuddy, it’s an add on to YouTube that is a free Chrome extension. They also have a paid version if you want more options, but to try it out you can start with the free one. I’ll leave a link in the description for you.

When you use Tubebuddy it is integrated with YouTube and will actually show you keywords to use. After you’ve entered the descriptions it will come up with keywords for you. For the free version there is a limit for this, but I’m using the paid version and that will give you a whole list of great keywords and alternative keywords to the ones you’ve entered.

Another great place to find keywords with Tubebuddy is by searching for the topic your video is about on YouTube and see which videos are ranking highest. When you click on these videos a box will open on the side that will show you the keywords they used for their video, so you can use some of them that also apply to your video with your keywords.

Another thing that could help you rank higher or have a chance to be suggested with these popular videos is by letting the YouTube algorithm know your video is like that video. So go to that high ranking video and check out their description. Look for parts in the description that also describes your video and use that in your description. Don’t just copy paste their entire description, but use certain parts or phrases they used to help YouTube connect their video to yours and get suggested to more viewers.

So make sure you get those keywords and descriptions of your videos right so that YouTube knows what they’re about.

In the next blog we'll talk about how to promote your videos so that you can get more people to watch them.