How to get more Subscribers for your YouTube channel

how to get more subscribers foor your YouTube channel

You’ve made a video, put in the keywords so YouTube can show it to people, but what can you do to promote your video yourself? Let’s dive in.

On YouTube itself there isn’t much you can do to promote when you first start out your channel. You can put call to actions in your video, ask people to subscribe and like your video. This is something that really helps, because it tells the YouTube algorithm that people are enjoying your content.

But you need to get people to watch first before they see your call to action, so how can you get people to watch your video?

The niche that you picked for your channel is most likely something that you are interested in, a hobby, a sport or an interest you share with other people. If you have friends that like the same thing, this is a great place to start. Email people you know or send them a message and invite them to check out a video you are sure they will love and just ask them to subscribe. Use your social media to make everybody aware of your new channel and get everybody to check out your channel. Ask people to like and subscribe, they know you and are most likely to ones willing to help you out.

social media to get more subscribers

Now to promote your channel to people you don’t know is going to be a little bit harder. Social media is a great tool for this. On Facebook there are a lot of groups for almost any topic you can imagine. Find groups that revolve around your niche and will have people in it that you think might be interested in your videos. Now it’s not as simple as just posting your videos in the groups. It works a lot better if you are actually active in the groups. Post in there and react to other people’s posts. Once you’ve networked in these groups people are more likely to be interested in what you post when you post your videos.

Another social network that has a lot of groups on any topic imaginable is Reddit. This is more text based and most groups don’t just allow you to post videos or links to videos, but if you find your niche in there and you are actively posting and reacting to other people’s posts it can be a great place to help out people with a link to your video if their questions are answered in one of your videos.

Other social media can help you too if you already have a good following there of course, Twitter, instagram, Tik Tok they can all lead people back to your channel. The thing that has worked best for me though is Facebook. The way the groups work it just makes it much easier to find interested people and to share your content.

business card to promote youtube channel

Not all promotion has to be online, you can promote in person too. It might cost you a little bit, but it’s an investment into your channel. You can have business cards printed with you channel name on it. So that when you talk to somebody about your channel you can hand them a card, they are much more likely to actually check out your channel once they get home when they have your card than when they have to remember to look you up on YouTube.

Also getting a T-shirt printed with your logo or channel name can spark the interest of somebody and get that conversation going about your channel and before you know it you’re handing them a card and they are checking out your channel.

Depending on the topic of your channel the videos you make might also be interesting for regular media. Newspaper, magazines, radio or even TV. If you have a channel where you do something special or teach a skill this might be of interest for a local newspaper.

Now most people think it’s really hard to get into a paper or that it will cost a lot of money, but most papers will actually be very open to things you send them. All you have to do is write a good press release talking about your channel or the special things that you do. They might publish your press release or contact you to do an interview and you will have some free publicity that could potentially reach a lot of people.

I hope you found some helpful tips in here. Next blog we'll talk about some more things you can do to get more subscribers.