How to make Videos in less time

Making videos can cost a lot of time. When you have a full time job and want to pursue a YouTube career it can be tough to find the time. So let me give you some tips on how you can safe time on this and make more YouTube videos in less time.

First of all we start by planning the videos. Make a schedule for the videos that you want to make. For a successful channel it's good practice to post your videos on the same day of the week, so that your subscribers know when they can expect a new video from you.

So when you know when you have to post, make a schedule of what you want to post. The further in the future you can do this the better grasp you'll get on what you have to do for the channel.

Before you start filming a video, write out a script. If you have a script that you can stick to, it will make it easier to get your video made, you'll get your message across more clearly and you will safe time having to think about things once you are filming.

When possible try and write a couple of scripts and record all of the videos in the same day. You will only have to set up your camera gear once and you can get in the flow and pump out a bunch of videos at once in less time than it would take you to do them all separately. You can change your clothes, change the setting or lights a little bit to make it look a bit different. You can safe a lot of time if you make your videos in a batch.

If you are struggling cause you have a lot of text that you can't remember and you end up having to do a lot of takes. Something that can help you is a teleprompter. This way you don't have to learn your script by heart and your will make a lot less mistakes. You can find small teleprompters to use with your phone that will make making videos a lot easier and safe your a lot of time.

When you plan your videos in advance it can safe you a lot of time. You will be able to make more videos in less time and grow your channel even faster.