How to use coloured lights for your video

Making a video look better can sometimes be as easy as changing the setting of where you should. But you're not always able to film in the most professional looking location. So what can you do about that? Try and make the setting you do have to look as good as it can.

First of all you want to make sure there is not a lot of clutter around, it there is too much to see in the background it will be distracting in your video. Don't feel you have to be in front of a white wall or an empty room, but just make sure it looks nice and neat.

A great way to make things in the background look better or stand out is to accentuate them with coloured lights. If you have a statue or a plant in view, see what it looks like it you have a soft purple light on it. If you have a glass table and you place a blue light under it it might give you a great effect and set the mood a bit different for your video.

Phillips hue go

There are different lights that you can use for this. Phillips has the Hue lamps that you can control with your phone and are great for accentuating items in your house. I have the Hue Go, which is a great lamp to use because it is portable. It has a rechargeable battery in it, so if I want to move the light somewhere and there is no outlet I can just place it anywhere I want.

The Hue lamps can be changed to any colour you can think of, so if you want to change the mood from one video to the other you can simply pick different colours.

philips hue light strip

Another great light that Hue has to set the mood behind items is the light strip. A great way to use the strip is behind furniture, under furniture or on the side of a glass surface. The light will reflect throughout the glass giving it a a real nice effect of being coloured glass.

submersible led light discs

Now of course if you don't want coloured lights in your house and all you'd use them for is for you videos, you might not want to spend too much on them. There are also some great little disc lights that you can use that are battery operated, so you can easily place them where ever you want. You can get a set of 10 lights on Amazon for only $25. These lights are even waterproof, so if you want to use them outside or want to film something cool looking underwater you can.

There is no perfect way to set up mood lights, it's a matter of playing around with it, have something in the background lit to make it look more interesting and more like you put some effort in to it looking good. When you combine it with a camera lens with a large aperture and have the background out of focus a bit, it will give you a nice smooth coloured background that just looks really professional.