Hyperdrive Gen 2 - Docking everything you need to edit

Hyperdrive Gen2 docking station

When you use your laptop or computer to edit videos you probably have had the problem that you ran out of places to plug in extra things like an external hard drive. Hyperdrive has the perfect solution for you.

Hyperdrive Gen 2 12-in-1 USB-C Dock, there is also a 6-in-1 and an 18-in-1 version, but for now let’s stick to the 12-in-1. The hyperdrive is the perfect docking station for everything you need to add to your computer. It connects to your computer through a single USB-C connection and offers you 12 inputs.

Hyperdrive Gen 2

  • USB-A 10Gbps x2

  • USB-A 2.0 x2

  • Gigabit Ethernet

  • 3.5mm Aucio Jack TRRS

  • UHS-II Micro SD/SD4.0 312MB/s

  • HDMI x2 for 4K 60Hz video

  • DP

  • USB-C power delivery 100W

Hyperdrive Gen 2

With the Hyperdrive Gen2 you can connect 2 extra screens to your computer or laptop. (only one on a Macbook) Plug in 4 extra harddrives, your SD card and a micro SD card and only use 1 of your USB-C slots.

You could also use it to charge your devices, so a great traveling companion.

I’ve been using the Hyperdrive Gen2 for a few months now and it makes adding things to my laptop so much easier. I have a group of external hard drives I use for editing and they are now plugged in to the Hyperdrive, so when I want to start editing all I have to do is plug in the Hyperdrive and everything is connected, my drives, my extra monitor, I just put in my SD card with what I just recorded and everything is ready to go.

I haven’t had any issues with the connection of any of the things I’ve tried to connect. A couple of times I have noticed my extra monitor turns to black for a second, but I’m not sure wether this is something that happens because of the Hyperdrive, my laptop or just a glitch in the monitor. Most of the time everything works perfect though and it just saves me a lot of plugging and unplugging of things. The wires always stay in way place, so my work area has become a lot neater as well.

The Hyperdrive Gen2 started as a Kickstarter project and was funded in no time at all. Now the Hyperdrives are sold on their website, so if you would like to pick one up you can check them out here.