Improve your video production with Light

When you are filming at home or in an office there is one thing you can do to make your videos look a lot better. Give your videos that different look that will make the difference between anybody just picking up a camera and a professional looking production. The way to do this is with light.

To make your video look better all you have to do is make sure it is lit well. I’ll explain how you can do this like a pro, but still on a budget and I also have a great way to do this for an even smaller budget, for under $40 you will make a huge change in how your videos look.

soft box set

If you have a larger set where you film and you want to make sure you light it well, you will need a 3 light set up. A great way to do this is with a soft box set. Nowadays these sets are a lot more affordable than they used to be and since you probably don’t want to always have it set up they are light weight and easy to assemble.

The first light will go on the left side shining diagonally towards the set, the second light will be on the right side lighting the exact opposite. This way you will minimise the shadows. The third light will hang from the top and light the set from above. The third light will light the face of the subject and get rid of any shadow that is left.

soft box set

A set up like this will make a big difference to any video you shoot indoors. Using a soft box will make the light less harsh and also makes it spread out evenly on the subject.

If you don’t have the space or don’t want to spend the money on a soft box set, there is a cheaper way that can work for you. Providing you are filming close too your subject, you could use a Ring Light

Ring Light

When I film a ‘talking head’ video I mostly rely on a Ring Light. I use a lens with a large aperture of f1.6, so it already catches a lot of light, but even with enough light I still always set up the Ring Light, it puts that sparkle in your eyes that just gives it a little bit extra.

You can pick up a Ring Light on Amazon for $36.99, so no reason to not upgrade your video production game.

In order to film indoors you need to make sure you have enough light, you could do this by filming by a window, using the light from outside. You will need to be aware of changing light from clouds, so a clear sky or completely overcast sky are best.

A nice ceiling lamp can act as the light from the top, like the third light of the soft box set. When you use a Ring Light to just fill in the sparkle in the eyes, you could have a greatly lit video when all you had to do is was paying a little attention to it.

Another cheap light trick for when you are filming products or some B-roll is to use the lamp on your cell phone. For a nice effect try and move your phone around to add some moving light effect to your subject. It is a very cheap trick that can give a very professional look to your product video.