Smartmike+ the best noise reduction in a bluetooth mic

Smartmike+ by Sabinetek in black and white

This small bluetooth connected microphone started as a Kickstarter project. When I saw the video for it I got excited, but was also very skeptical. The promise of the best noice reduction seemed a bit over the top, but I decided to join the campaign and back the project.

Fast forward a year, I’ve been using the Smartmike+ for about 9 months now and I must say when I got it I was very impressed. The microphone is small and light and clips on to your clothing very easily. You connect it to your smart phone to record your sound and import it to your computer from your phone very easily. The whole process is set up so that anybody can use it.

Smartmike+ packaging

I make videos when I go running with my GoPro, so there is always a lot of wind noise in the videos. The in camera microphone is good, but still there is always this noise from the wind, especially while I’m running, there is just no way around that. The reason why I wanted to try the Smartmike+ was to see if the sound would be better if I recorded it separately and would add it to the video afterwards. I was already doing this with another device, but this wasn’t wireless.

I quickly found out that the promise of the noise reduction was not exaggerated. I was stunned by the quality of the sound. I’ve used different microphones, different cameras, but so far nothing has come even close to the quality of sound that the Smartmike+ produces. I’ve actually made a video where you can hear the difference in sound between that of the camera, my other sound recorder and the Smartmike+, I’ll link the video at the bottom of this review.

According to Sabinetek, the company that makes the Smartmike+, the battery should last you about 6 hours. Now the only times I’ve let it go on that long it stopped recording at around 5 hours for me. But that is still a very long time, cause how often do you actually have to record something for 5 hours?

You simply charge the device with a Micro USB cable, which is included. The sample rate of the recording is 48Khz and the recording bandwidth is Full band (22.05Khz)

You can pick your color, black or white and it works with the free app from Sabinetek.

Smartmike+ Duo pack

You can record sound straight to your phone as a sound file, or you can make a video recording on your phone and use the Smartmike+ as a mic instead of using your phone for this.

If you want to record the sound straight to your camera or your computer, this is possible too, but you will need the Duo pack. In this case one mic will serve as the receiver and the other one as the microphone.

The ease of use of the Smartmike+ makes it so that anybody who wants some better sound to their recordings can use it. The noise reduction of the Smartmike+ makes it so you can actually make professional sounding recordings even in very bad conditions.

Check out the video below if you would like to hear some examples of the sound quality. If you would like to purchase a Smartmike+ for yourself check out the Sabinetek website here.