Smartphone Teleprompter for better productions

bestview t1 teleprompter for smartphone

When you are talking to the camera in your videos it is best to have a script, if there are a lot of pauses while you talk or you just end up rambling people will most likely not stick around to watch your video. But if you have a lot of text it's tough to remember it all. The pros have been doing this with some help for years. They use teleprompters so they can read the text, but these machines cost a fortune. Luckily, there is a cheap solution for you to use at home.

The Bestview T1 Smartphone Teleprompter

This small box simple attaches to your camera lens, it comes with a large collection of adapter rings so you can use it with any size lens. Your phone will slide in the bottom of the box and the text will reflect on to a diagonal glass plate inside the box. The camera will film through the glass, so you will still be looking straight into the camera while you just read the text from the screen. Of course the text will not be filmed, you will simply have a professional looking video that won't need as much fixing in post.

bestview t1 smartphone teleprompter

The Bestview T1 also comes with an app that you can use to have the text scroll up on your phone. And it comes with a remote so you can control the app and skip through the text or adjust the speed while you are using the app.

Not only will it help you make a better video with exactly the text you wanted to say, but because you make fewer mistakes it will cut down on your time to make the video as well. Also with editing it will make your job a lot easier, with less footage to have to go through and less cuts for pauses or mistakes it makes the workflow in post a lot faster too.

The Bestview T1 Teleprompter goes for $95 on Amazon, but the time alone you safe with it will make it's money back in no time. So to me a no brainer for anybody who vlogs or makes talking head videos.