Sony FE 90mm f2.8 Macro lens Review

Sony FE 90mm f2.8 Macro lens review

The Sony FE 90mm Macro lens is a perfect match for the a7 series or full-frame E-mount cameras. The F2.8 maximum aperture allows for a lot of light and with a minimum focus distance of 0.92 ft or 28cm you can take amazing close up images without having to get too close to your subject.

This Sony G lens is of amazing quality, this is obvious from the moment you hold it. The metal focus ring feels great and the whole lens just feels very sturdy. At 21.3oz or 602 grams, it's not the lightest lens on the market, but it's great to handle.

flower shot with sony 90mm macro lens f2.8

The Optical Steady Shot image stabilisation is great for handheld shooting and seeing that I am using it on the Sony a6400, that doesn't have in camera stabilisation, it's great to have that on the lens.

The lens has auto focus and although it is a little bit slower sometimes on a close subject then with most my other lenses, it's only a fraction of a second and works great otherwise.

It also has a focus range limiter that you can set so it only focuses within a certain range if you know you're only going to take photos close by or farther away. When the lens only focuses in that range it can safe some time trying to focus.

fly shot with Sony 90mm macro f2.8

The focus ring, besides feeling great, has a great functionality. By pulling the ring towards you it automatically goes into manual focus mode. This way you don't have to look for the manual focus button when you want to take a photograph. With one and the same motion you turn on manual focus and start focusing. This is especially handy when you have life subjects and you might otherwise miss the shot.

The lens also has a hold focus button, this way when you are focussed on something you can press the button right on the lens to hold that focus. I find this very handy when focussed on something close up that moves around a little bit

The 90mm lens is not only amazing for macro photography, but makes a perfect portret lens as well. And with the F2.8 aperture can create some great Bokeh effect on your portret images.

Now the full specs you probably looked at already if you are interested in this lens, but I guess it's about how I think the lens handles and performs. I think it feels great to use it, it's not cheap, but it also feels like you are using a good quality, expensive lens. The images you can shoot with the 90mm lens are mind-blowing. I'm very pleased with the quality of the lens and the performance. I will add some more examples down below. If you are interested in buying the lens you can easily order it here from Amazon.

cheetoh cat Jake portrait with Sony 90mm

cheetoh cat Jake close up with Sony 90mm

Gollum close up with Sony 90mm

cheetoh cat close up with Sony 90mm

stormtrooper Star Wars close up with Sony 90mm