The Ultimate Camera bag - Nomatic McKinnon Camera Pack

Peter McKinnon Nomatic camera bag

When you travel and need to bring a lot of camera gear there is no better bag than the Nomatic McKinnon Camera Pack.

The complete pack actually exists of the bag with different accessories that fit perfectly together to make the ultimate set up for you. The accessories can be bought separately so you only have to get the ones that are of use to you.

nomatic McKinnon camera pack

The bag itself comes with 2 large compartments which are meant for you to put your camera gear on one side and your other travel needs like clothing and toiletries on the other side. The part for your camera gear can be completely personalised and adjusted the way you like it. The dividers can be placed in the bag with velcro and form different compartments for all your gear.

The bag is meant to be able to cary all your gear and clothing for a 1-5 day trip. The zippers on the side let the bag expend from 35 Liters to 42 Liters. It has a laptop sleeve, tablet sleeve and magnetic water bottle pocket on the side. It is Carry-on size, so you can take it on a plane with you without having to check it in. The bag is made of really great quality material and has a strong water-resistance.

Nomatic Peter McKinnon bag inside

Cube Peter McKinnon nometic camera bag

My favourite add on for the Camera bag is the Cube. This super handy little box that you can use to put your camera accessories in has a compartment that holds a bag with straps so you can use the entire thing as a day pack as it turns into a small back pack. You can bring your camera with you when you're traveling without having to take the entire Camera bag with you. For me this feature alone sold me on the bag. The Cube fits perfectly inside the camera bag and is made of the same great quality material.

EVA Nomatic Peter McKinnon camera bag

The fact that everything you need to take with your fits in the bag, everything is properly protected and you can adjust it for different occasions make it a great bag. The fact that you can add the Cube to it and other handy cases like the SD card wallet or the EVA, a small little box to put things in that you might want to take out as a whole. They all fit perfectly in the bag and make it a great set.

When I do animal Photography I normally bring a lot with me, I want to swap lenses and never know how close I can get. So I bring a 600mm lens, my Macro lens and a zoom lens, so I bring the Camera bag as a day pack and have to carry it around. The shoulder straps are very comfortable and it also has a waist strap for to keep the weight off your shoulders. I can walk around with all my stuff all day and it's no problem at all. It's very comfortable and doesn't have any straps that cut into your skin or anything.

It's not a cheap bag and with all the accessories it does add up, but it's the only Camera bag you will ever need, it's versatile and great quality, so it will last you a very long time. If you are interested in getting one you can easily pick one up through Amazon.