Ultimate Lens Hood Review

ultimate lens hood on camera

I film and photograph a lot of animals, often they're in a zoo and in that case quite often I find the animals behind glass. Of course with most animals it's a lot safer to have them behind the glass, but to film them makes it a lot harder. The Ultimate Lens Hood (ULH) is the perfect solution for this.

When I walk around the zoo people look at my camera and I get a lot of remarks and a lot of questions from people. The same thing happened to me yesterday and I thought to myself, I've been using the ULH for about 3 years now I think and I've never seen anybody else use it. Which to me is mind boggling, cause it makes such a big difference, I see so many people struggle to get good photos and it's amazingly cheap to buy.

Ultimate Lens Hood stretched out

The ULH is a rubber lens cap that stretches over your lens, so is easy to use with different size lenses. And if you're thinking that it's not for you cause you just use your phone or a small pocket camera, they have a small version that would fit a phone or a GoPro as well.

The hood comes out and you just place it against the window, it will sit there like a sort of suction cup and you have no reflection from the people behind you, the light that flares in your lens or just the surroundings that normally end up in your photo when you try to photograph through glass.

compare ultimate lens hood

When I first saw an ad for the ULH I remember thinking to myself how simple this thing was, why was this not already on the market and why don't I have one yet. I ordered it right away and it is a standerd item in my camera bag. Not only at zoos, but the view from a high building, driving in a car or even at a museum, anywhere where you would normally be obstructed by glass you simply just get out the ULH and it's no longer a problem.

Now I could go on and on about how many times the Ultimate Lens Hood has made a difference in my filming, but the fact that it's so simple, it's very durable material, it just works perfectly and you can pick it up for only $24 at Amazon, that is really all you need to know. It's the secret of why my animal videos look good and it sometimes seems I am in the enclosure at eye level with the animals, but I'm actually behind glass.

Why wasn't this around years ago? It's like a paperclip, once it's there you think: "yeah, of course that's how I keep my papers together", but someone had to come up the idea of that paperclip. The Ultimate Lens Hood is the paperclip for your camera. Of course this is how you photograph through windows, somebody just had to come up with the idea.

If you'd like to pick one up you can order from Amazon by clicking here.

There is also a bundle where you get the big and small ULH for only $30 also through Amazon.

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