Use Music to make your videos better

use music to make your videos better

Music can set the mood and it can be a big influence of the tone and the quality of your videos, but you can’t just use any music you want so let’s talk about adding the right music to your videos .

A good place to start for music for your videos is the YouTube Audio library. There are a lot of songs in there that you can download for free and you can use in your videos. These are safe to use and you won’t get any copyright strikes when you use them.

sheet music

Another way to use music for your videos is by doing a google search for royalty free music. There are a lot of sites that have music that you can use in your videos and you only have to credit the website or the creator of the piece of music. The only thing with this is, when you credit them in the description sometimes you can still have a copyright dispute. Plus if they change their terms and the music is no longer free to use then all the videos you’ve used their music on will now not be eligible for monetisation and once you can monetise your channel they can actually run ads on your videos that won’t make you anything.

Artlist music for your projects

When you are serious about your channel and you use a lot of music in your videos there are websites that provide music that you can use without ever getting any copyright strikes. You have to pay for a monthly subscription, but it makes things a lot easier. The service I use is Artlist, they have an enormous collection of music and it’s very easy to find the kind of music you want. You can search by genre, mood or even type of video you are making. You can narrow your search by speed or length of the song and make it easier to get a perfect fit for your project. I know free beats having to pay for something, but knowing that you won’t have any copyright disputes, having a huge library of songs and an easy way to search for them is really worth it to me.

Artlist is $16.60 a month and is billed annually, but if you use this link you get 2 months extra for free. They also have a 14 day money back guarantee, so you can try it out to see if it’s something for you and if not you cancel your subscription, but you still get to use the music that you’ve used in those 14 days.

What ever way you choose to get your music from, know that it’s an important part of your video, it sets the mood, it can hide other sound that would make your video unpleasant to watch, it can help with the flow of your video or smooth out cuts. Editing to the beat of a song can give your montage this really professional feeling, so spend some time looking around and collect some music from different places that you think you’ll be able to use in upcoming videos.