What to buy a Film Buff - Top 10 list

10 best gifts for movie lovers

Looking for a gift for a film buff? Here is a top 10 list with some great gift ideas.

movie quotes for all occasions

1 - Movie Quotes for all occasions.

This great book is full of great movie quotes. Most will be familiar, but others might be a great invitation to check out a movie you may have missed. A book that is great to browse through or use to quiz your friends. Find it Amazon.

pop corn containers plastic

2 - Plastic Popcorn Containers - Set of 4

Movie night is not complete without this great plastic Popcorn Containers. Get that movie theatre feeling in your own living room by using these washable containers to put your popcorn in or any other snack you might prefer of course.

3 - Set of 4 DVD Storage Bags for 160 DVDs

dvd storage bags

If you have that big DVD collection just sitting around catching dust cause you're just watching Netflix movies now? Then storing them away, dust free, in these great storage bags could be a great solution. The bags are the exact size to fit dvd's and can take up to 160 dvds in them. Find them for only $24 on Amazon.

movie scratch off poster

4 - Top 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

This great poster has 100 squares that you can scratch off after you've watched the movies that represents the square. A great way to keep track of your Bucket list of 100 great movies you should watch before you die.

film movie lover clapperboard pillow design

5 - Personalised movie Clapperboard design

A great gift for movie lovers is this clapperboard design that comes with your friend's name on it. From pillow to sticker or T-shirt, you can pick the item you'd like and will have success guaranteed for any occasion. You can find it on RedBubble.

6 - Cinephile: A Card Game


A great card game for movie buffs. The card game can be played in a couple of different ways and is a fun way to rack your brain over some obscure film knowledge or play with the occasional movie goer at an easier level. At $14 on Amazon this should be on every movie buff's shelf.

reservoir dogs socks

7 - Reservoir Dogs Socks

"Are you gonna bite little doggy, or are you gonna bark?" Want to show up in style for the next movie night? These great Reservoir Dogs Socks will do the trick. Cool as a Fonzie!

8 - A Movie Lover's Journal

movie lover's journal

This notebook will let you keep track of all the movies you've seen and provide them with a review and rating so you can look back at it later to remind you what you thought about the movie. A fun creative way to log your movie going experiences. You can also find this journal on Amazon.

9 - The Movie Quotes Drinking Game

movie quotes drinking game

This fantastic game is easy to take with you when you travel or going to a friend's for movie night. The game can be played for drinks as intended, but of course this its not a necessity.

10 - Urban Accents Movie Night Popcorn Kernels and Popcorn Seasoning Pack

urban accents movie night popcorn kernels pack

The perfect movie night snack, this Urban Accents Movie Night popcorn kernels and popcorn seasoning pack completes the movie going experience. With 3 non GMO popcorn kernel packs and 5 gourmet seasonings, you'll be sure to have the perfect gift.