When should you post your YouTube videos?

when should you post your youtube video

Are you wondering what days you should post, what time you should post and how often you should post? Let me tell you and explain why.

Some people post their videos early in the morning, some exactly at noon. Some post once a week, some every single day. How do you know what is best for your channel? First of all you have to look at what is best for you. Do you have time to make a quality video every week? Could you make 2 a week and maintain the same quality? What kind of channel do you have? Who is your audience?

What it comes down to is, what do you have time for to produce and what does your audience have time for to consume? You can make a video every day, but if your audience is mainly 30 - 50 year olds that have a busy work week, they won't be able to watch all your content. If your audience are teenagers, they might spend more time watching, so this makes a difference.

If you can post a video once a week, you are in good shape. If you can post twice a week you might have a bigger shot of growing your channel quicker. Any more than that might overwhelm your audience and you'll get in the way of your own momentum. You'll post a video before your audience will have had a chance to watch the previous one or before YouTube had a chance to recommend your previous video. So two a week is probably the preferred number.

youtube channel as tv channel

Look at your channel as a TV channel and your videos as the show people want to watch. A TV channel has a schedule and when you want to see a certain show you can watch it every week on the same day and the same time. There is a reason for this. People can get used too it, they can tune in at the same time each week and have something too look forward to and work their schedule around.

So consistency is important. Try and post your videos on the same day and the same time each week. Also convey this to your audience by mentioning it in your video, your channel trailer or on your channel page. Let people know when they can expect to see something new.

How do you know which day is best?

You could argue that people have more spare time on the weekends, but people also have a lot going on during their weekends and a lot of other channels post on the weekends, so it's not actually such a prime time to post. The way to look at this best is actually t see what day is best for you to post a video. When would fit best for you to have your video done? Once you start posting on that day, this mostly will become the day that is best for your audience too, seeing that they'll expect a video that day.

what time is best for posting on youtube

What time is best for posting a video?

This is easy to see in your YouTube analytics. When you go to your viewers and check the watch times it will show you what time most people watch your videos, so post your videos just before that hour. Best thing here is to stay consistent with this too, just so people know when they can expect the video.

Somebody once told me they loved my videos and look forward to it every week and will watch the video before going to work. So knowing that I feel driven to always have the video finished so it can be posted at the same time and they can watch before work. Now that may just be one subscriber that mentioned that to me, but still it stuck in my head and I figure if there is one person that is looking forward to it on time there must be more and I don't want to disappoint. So be consistent.