Wiral lite - Cable Camera on a budget

Wiral lite cable camera on a budget

Wiral lite let's you control your camera over a cable by remote control. Something normally only possible with expensive rigs, now for a fraction of the cost with this new gadget.

The Wiral lite lets you attach your camera to a wire so you can get amazing moving shots. You normally only see this in professional capacity. Now I know that filming alongside somebody or something is also possible with a drone, but you can’t always use a drone everywhere. Like when you’re indoors, in the woods or maybe a restricted area for drones. And the Wiral is great for all of these locations.

Now lets look at what’s in the box first.

wiral lite in the box

The Wiral comes with it's arms folded, the wheels at the top go over the wire and you attach the camera to the bottom. It can carry up to 1.5 kg or 3.3 lbs, I’ll mostly be using it with my GoPro so that is no problem, but it can also take bigger cameras or even your phone.

You connect the wire to a pole or a tree on one end and roll it out to your next point. The cable that I got with it is 50 meters or 164 feet, but there is also one twice as long. There is a strap that connects to the second point and hooks up to the wire.

And then there is a remote to make it all work, a charger for the battery that they say lasts about 3 hours. And 2 stops to connect to the wire to make sure you don’t crash the Wiral.

Once you've found two points to connect the wire to it's very easy to connect and set up the Wiral lite(1). Make sure the cable(3) is connected tight so the wire won't hang low to the ground. The Wiral is going to hang underneath so you want to keep the camera(2) from hitting the ground.

It took some playing around to get the hang of the speed and to see how I could run along with it and film myself, but it is very simple to use. It would probably be easier to control it while filming somebody else instead of filming myself, but even this is not really a problem.

The Wiral lite is fairly easy to set up and there are a ton of great things you can film with this. For action footage this is a great way to capture action from places you normally wouldn't be able to film. There are a lot of circumstances I can think of where it would be great to use this. Think of things like weddings or parties where you can have the camera flying overhead. It would always take some planning beforehand to get the shot, but your footage will look amazing.

You can set the Wiral to move at different speeds depending on what you are using it for. It can go up to 28 km per hour, that’s about 45 miles per hour. The Wiral is a great camera tool to have and I’m looking forward to come up with new ideas on how to use it in my videos. If you are looking to pick one up for yourself, you can order one from Amazon right here.