Zoom H1n - Best small recorder for your productions

Zoom H1n Review

In camera sound recording is not always very great. You can use an external microphone on your camera, but when your microphone is too far away from the subject you can still end up with bad sound for your video. The Zoom H1n is a nice small recorder that is not only very easy to cary around, it also delivers great sound quality.

I use the Zoom H1n in a couple of different ways. Using the built-in mic it works great as an interview microphone or to record voice over for my videos. And with the Rode smartLav+ it makes a great recorder to use when I’m filming my vlogs or anything that involves moving around while I need to record sound.

Zoom H1n built in microphones

The Zoom H1n has a built-in stereo condenser microphone in 90 degree x/Y format, this way it captures everything perfectly. With the small led screen you can easily see the different functions and the time of your recording.

Battery life can go up to 10 hours on just 2 AAA batteries. I try to not push this limit and use re-chargeable batteries, which will probably not last as long, but I’ve never run out of battery yet. Plus the fact that you can switch batteries easily means that if you do have to record for a longer period of time you just bring 2 extra AAA batteries and you’re set.

You can record on a micro SD card of up to 32GB, so you are not likely to run out of space for your recording. Once you are done you easily plug the SD card into your computer and you’re ready to start on your project.

Zoom H1n recording level dial

The recording level is adjustable which allows you to record in loud environments and still capture good sound. The onboard limiter enables the Zoom H1n to record distortion free up to 120dB SPL. So you can record sound at concerts or band practice and still end up with great audio.

The fact that the Zoom H1n has great sound quality is definitely the biggest selling point, but the fact that it’s nice and compact and easy to take with you anywhere is for sure a large second one. I use it during a lot of activities that would normally cause for distortion or interference on a recorder, but the Zoom H1n always performs perfectly.

Of course if you want to use the Lav mic you need it to be wired, but for most people that is not a problem anyway. If you do require a bluetooth solution and want to record the sound on your phone or in camera, you could consider a Smartmike+

Zoom H1n front view

One of the great features that nobody talks about it one small button on the side, simple as it is, it has saved many of my recordings. It’s the Hold button, a small switch that prevents any other buttons from being pressed while recording. Without it I’m sure I would have lost a lot of my recordings, so a must have for small recorder like this that might end up in your pocket during your recording.

Recently I was interviewed by somebody from the local radio station. I couldn’t make it to the studio, so we picked a different location for the recording. The interviewer showed up with a Zoom H1n, so I was very pleased to see this. It’s being used in professional capacity, so to me that shows I got the right product for my projects.

Another great thing about the Zoom H1n is that it's very affordable, right now you can pick one up from Amazon at only $114. Click here if you would like to check it out.

For the Rode Smartlav+ mic you can click here.

In order to use the Rode Smartlav+ with the Zoom H1n you will need a small adapter to be able to connect it. You can also find this adapter here on Amazon.